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Connect Us is a browser based meeting service where you schedule meetings from an iPhone App

We know, there are many ways to meet and collaborate over the web.

But, we have not found any way to do it without e.g. adding each other as friends (hello Skype, Lync etc.). Or, that requires downloads of software. Or, that is secure and private... And, we wanted it to be stupid simple to schedule and send out invites.

So, we built it. Connect Us is our very own take on how we want people to meet and collaborate in person on the web


We want to keep it simple. We focus on utility and evolve features based on our users feedback. Thats it, thats how we roll.


No meeting traffic is transmitted through our system. Everything is Peer-to-peer in order to keep snoopers out of your way


The underlying technology is based on WebRTC which is Opensource and nativley supported by Mozilla, Google et al.


All meetings are booked through the mobile app. Only. Beacuse thats the way we like it and thats the way people work today. Invite from email adress or SMS.


We simply distribute invites. We don't expect you to be trust us with your private data.


You can be as anonymous as you like. No strings attached. No registration required.


The meeting experience is designed for browser use. We belive that this is the best way to have meetings. That is, sitting down in front of a screen like a normal person

Frequently Asked Questions

The service is actually very very simple to use. We do however recognize that we are dealing with technology and we have tried to capture some common questions below

Question 1: How can you claim that your service is secure?

First of all. All webRTC streams are encrypted with 128-bit AES. In addition, no meeting data traffic passes through our servers. All meeting traffic is P2P. Our servers simply connect you to each other and tell your browser how to display the streams. If you feel like geeking out even further:

Question 2: Anonymous you say?

Yes, it is actually one of our core features. You do not register your details anywhere. It is as simple as that. For the not-so-Cloak-and-Dagger user there is an easy option to add your own name as the organizer of the meeting.

Question 3: Can you build a web based invite option as well?

We could, but we don't want to. We strongly beleive in the app based scheduling and would rather spend our time improving this even further

Question 4: I have a Mac!

Congratulations! Or, was your question why the meeting does not work nativley in Safari? You need a browser that supports WebRTC. Firefox and Chrome will do the job and will also not cost you anything. So much for Apple being the innovative one...

Question 5: Can I join a conference through my smartphone or tablet?

It has been done. But, most tablets and phones on the market today are not powerful enough to provide a good user experience. We will not focus any of our energy on optimizing for mobile right now. We designed the meeting space for a sit down, lean forward (i.e. laptop) experience

Question 6: It's black, I can't see or hear the others

Most likley the security settings on your PC or Mac don't meet our minimum requirements. Or, the transfer protocoll UDP is blocked. We know that some users will be blocked out from our service. But since the alternative would be to route all meeting traffic through our servers we can't see that this would comply with our principles of Privacy, Security and Anonymity.


We are a small team of quite experienced technology and business people primaraly based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are intentionally keeping our communication tight at this point in time but would love to get your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.

Email is great and is also our preferred communication channel. For general inquiries: hello[at]

To see our Privacy Policy please follow this link:

To see our Terms of Service please follow this link:


Yes, we have positive feedback from real people...

This is a great idea! I can really see a lot of people who want to meet in person on the web in a secure way without cumbersome invites and friending

I love the scheduling idea from my phone. I use it all the time for meetings